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Year 2021

We are offering 3 terms of language course with an intensive education of English and one with Spanish in southern Bohemia.

The language courses are organized exclusively with the native speakers.

Session Period - English English  Price
T1 July (8 days - 7 nights) 11.7.2021 - 18.7.2021 CZK 6890
T2 July (8 days - 7 nights) 18.7.2021 - 25.7.2021 CZK 6890
T4 August (8 days - 7 nights) 8.8.2021 - 15.8.2021 CZK 6890

Session Period - Español Español Price
July / August (8 days - 7 nights) 25.7.2021 - 1.8.2021 CZK 6890



In case of combination two weeks , the concessionary price is 1000 CZK lower from the total price.

In case of combination stay, children have got different native teacher every week. The education isn´t identical and children are still studying something new.

In case of combination three weeks, the concessive price is 2000 CZK lower from the total price of the three weeks.

The luxury hotel accommodation is situated in a wonderful and enchanting southern Bohemia near from Milevsko in a village Sepekov. It´s the biggest well preserved mill on a brook Smutná. It has been sensitively reconstructed a short time ago. It was kept in its original state with modern way of accommodation.

The rooms sre for two up to five persons, hotel personnel do the hotel cleaning and prepare various menu: sandwich breakfast bar, snack, lunch, snack, diner and the second supper, all-day drink is included.

For the voucher can contribute the company, the trade union ort he insurance company.