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About camp

ENGLISH - Second language for your kids

Native speakers await you in Maděrovka

Many years ago maděrovka language course attracts attention of the children and their parents. The language course is found for an intensive english education in an atractive holiday surroundings of luxury hotel in Southern Bohemia.

Language course in Southern Bohemia

For children who know at least the basis of English is our camp unique opportunity to improve with the native speakers in the luxury environment of Southern Bohemia.

High – quality and Safety

The whole compound is closed only for the language camp, the safety of the participants is the first thing we look after. The team of lecturers and the staff pay attention to the great conditions of the camp, we take it for granted that there is a medic and the cook is ready to make the various menu and dietetic menu.

The programme of our language course

The camp is meant for the children from 9 till 17 years old. The topic of education are mornings and afternnons lessons in total extent 6 hours a day of communication in English with the native speakers  – the teachers.

The teaching take place in classrooms and also outside i fit is a nice weather in the newly reconstructed outside summerhouse and in the wide garden.

The children are divided into the groups due to their english knowledges by the entrance test.

That's how we can reach the maximum effect of education. We put emphasis on mastering the grammar and also to ability hold a conversation to different topics.

At the end of this camp, the native speakers prepare the test to check up the knowledges.

The children also entertain theirselves during the camp with myny activities, competitions and games, during them the communication i salso in English. That is how the children take the language natural.

We also go on a trip to surroundings of Southern Bohemia, there are many posibiliies such as: Orlík Chateaux, Zvíkov or Bechyně castle, spa, boat trip on a dam and so on.

The last day we have a big evening party. In a newly reconstructed barn 200 m2 large takes place modern disco with a great surprise at the end.